Additive vs. Catalyst

What is a catalyst?

In chemistry, a catalyst describes a substance that increases the speed of a reaction by reducing the activation energy (the energy required to initiate a process) of a chemical reaction without being consumed itself in the process. It therefore changes the kinetics (indicates how many particles per unit of time are converted into a chemical reaction) of chemical reactions and not their thermodynamics (thermodynamics enable statements about what changes to a system are possible, for example, what chemical reactions may take place).

Therefore, a true catalyst, such as Green Plus, only participates in a chemical reaction and is released again unchanged at the end of the process.

Green Plus only affects time processes in the combustion of fuels but not their chemical constituents.

Is Green Plus an additive?

No, an additive is added to a substance to alter or enhance its existing characteristics. Green Plus in no way changes the fuel but only brings about a more complete combustion reaction. Nor does it supply the fuel with additional energy.





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