Application / Dosing

Green Plus liquid catalyst can be blended with diesel, gasoline, Super, Super Plus, biodiesel, Super E10, heating oil and heavy fuel oil.

 250ml GP250 ml bottle Green Plus  


- 1:2 000 concentration for 500 litres of fuel (1 ml for 2 litres)
- 1:4 000 concentration for 1.000 litres of fuel (1 ml for 4 litres)

> Download: Green Plus Dosing Chart 1:2 000 (English / PDF / 457 kb)
> Download: Green Plus Dosing Chart 1:4 000 (English / PDF / 458 kb)

Areas of application (250 ml):

E.g. passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, motor homes and small to medium-sized heating oil tanks (domestic)

 1000ml GP 1.000 ml bottle Green Plus 


- 1:20 000 concentration for 20 000 litres of fuel (1 ml for 20 litres)

Areas of application (1.000 ml):

E.g. company's own storage tank (shippers), larger heating oil tank (apartment block)

- Application example -

Green Plus - simple and economical to use

With a concentration of 1:2 000 1 ml Green Plus is required for 2 litres of fuel. For example, you put 10 ml in the tank for 20 litres of fuel, or 20 ml for 40 litres of fuel. It is vital to adhere to precise dosing to achieve the required effect.

If you require information about other container sizes, e. g. drums for shipping, or you have questions about the application and dosing, we will be pleased to advise you.





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