What is Green Plus?

Green Plus is a liquid fuel catalyst developed by Mr. Noel Carroll, which enables a more effective use of the fuel during the combustion process. The result is considerable fuel saving, higher performance yield and reduction of harmful emissions.

For what type of fuels can Green Plus be used?

Green Plus can be used in all fuels, such as diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, Super, Super Plus, Super E10, heavy fuel oil and heating oil.

Is Green Plus an ordinary additive? 

In the true sense of the word, yes, but from a chemical perspective, no. Green Plus is a liquid catalyst and does not affect the specifications of a fuel in any way.

Can Green Plus be used incorrectly?

Yes, if there is a deviation of more than 10% above or below the recommended amount, the savings potential is reduced very quickly. In effect, the more precise the dosing, the higher the efficiency factor.

Could Green Plus damage my engine?

Absolutely not. The 20 billion test kilometres, which have been carried out without any damage up to now on trucks, passenger vehicles and ships, speak for themselves. A non-metallic catalyst, such as Green Plus 910, will not do any damage to the engine and its components.

Is it worth investing in Green Plus?

Yes, the potential for saving money by using Green Plus is considerably higher than the acquisition costs of the liquid catalyst.

How much does Green Plus cost?

In Europe, a 250 ml bottle of Green Plus, with a treat rate of 1 ml to 4 litres of fuel costs EUR 37.50 (EUR 0.0375 per litre of fuel to be treated) plus VAT and transport costs. The price in the USA is based on a different mixing ratio.

How does Green Plus work?

Green Plus increases the performance of all fuel based on better access to the existing oxygen molecules during the combustion process. Instead of altering the fuel itself, Green Plus improves the combustion characteristics. Due to the higher proportion of oxygen, more energy is generated earlier and combustion is therefore more even and complete. The result of this is that CO2, NOx and SOx are reduced and soot particle emissions are decreased.

Has the reduction of emissions been identified by officially recognised test procedures under laboratory conditions?

Yes, Green Plus 910 has been approved by the state government of Texas for application in diesel fuels used in the Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) programme. Detailed series of tests, monitored by independent inspectors, and results, which were checked and confirmed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), verify this.

How is Green Plus added to my fuel?

Shippers put Green Plus directly into the company's own storage tanks, and refuelling can therefore take place easily via the gasoline pump. In the private field, for example, the heating oil tank or passenger vehicle tank is filled using practical dosing bottles.

Does Green Plus change the octane number?

No, the octane number of the fuel does not change. However, fuel treated with Green Plus behaves like a fuel from a higher octane class due to the improved performance yield.

Does Green Plus affect engine oil?

Indirectly, yes as Green Plus reduces carbon deposits, which are partly responsible for metal content in the oil. Thanks to the decrease of metal deposits by up to 50%, there is considerably lower wear within the engine between oil change intervals. This increases the life of the engine.

Does Green Plus lubricate the engine?

No, this is neither the purpose nor the application of this product.

Where is Green Plus manufactured? 

The product sites for Green Plus in Europe are located in Germany, Switzerland and England.





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