Performance Spectrum

Green Plus influences the combustion process in various respects.

Green Plus Liquid Catalyst:

tick gp  Reduces fuel consumption

tick gp  Lowers maintenance costs by extending servicing intervals

tick gp  Increases the service life of engines due to better combustion

tick gp  Reduces harmful emissions

tick gp  Decreases engine noise

tick gp  Enables more complete, more regular and cleaner combustion

tick gp  Improves the performance and torque

tick gp  Does not cause damage either to the engine or its components

tick gp  Does not alter the chemistry of the fuel

tick gp  Increases the performance of all fuels due to optimised combustion

tick gp  Has a high additive concentration that enables economical dosing

tick gp  Is proven to be neither mutagenic nor carcinogenic

Green Plus investment

Investing in Green Plus not only pays for itself but leads to a significant share of profit within the shortest period. Due to this significant profit, the acquisition costs for Green Plus may be considered negligible.





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