The Product

Green Plus is the most effective and economical solution worldwide for saving fuel and reducing harmful emissions.

All living things benefit from a sound environment. The harmful effects of pollutant emissions from combustion engines can be reduced through the use of the Green Plus liquid catalyst.

Possible areas of use

- Transportation
- Offshore and internal shipping
- The agricultural industry
- The construction industry
- Domestic and industrial oil-fired heating equipment

Not limited to any specific type of fuel

The use of Green Plus as an additive knows no boundaries, either with a specific type of fuel or due to a particular type of engine.

The area of use therefore ranges from high-performance gasoline engines enhanced with turbochargers in super sports cars, or higher-displacement truck diesel engines, to 100 MW two-stroke marine engines.

Green Plus is no ordinary fuel additive but a liquid catalyst that optimises the combustion process in the engine. Green Plus therefore tackles one of the greatest challenges in the mechanical engineering industry:

Improving the combustion process in such a way that greater performance is generated with less fuel, and at the same time reducing emissions.

Green Plus is the result of more than 15 years of research and development. More than 20 billion test kilometres driven by our customers on land and sea, as well as tests under laboratory conditions, supported by numerous certificated institutions, verify the reliability, performance and effectiveness of our product. Green Plus liquid catalyst has no harmful side-effects.





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