Green Plus in tractors / combine harvesters / choppers, etc.landwirtschaft gpAll agricultural equipment run by fossil fuels can use the "Green Plus liquid catalyst" to lower its pollutant emissions and fuel consumption.

Therefore, not only can farmers and forestry managers save fuel without an often unjustifiable additional investment, but at the same time they can also ensure better care of flora and fauna due to the reduction in emissions.

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Extract of test results:

New Holland / Fendt Tractors

Fuel consumption test:

Two New Holland TG230 and two Fendt Favorit 926 tractors were tested over a period of three weeks. The results show a fuel saving of 10%. Furthermore, an improvement in performance was identified for the tractors.

Case IH tractors / Societate Agricola Padureni

The agricultural society Padureni based in the Romanian city Chisineu-Cris is using Green Plus in their Case IH tractors since 2008. Since then a continuously increased power output, a reduction of harmful exhaust particles as well as a reduction in engine oil consumption by 50% was determined. The fuel consumption was reduced permanently by over 10%.




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