Green Plus in diggers / construction machinery / earthmovers / cranes, etc.bauwesen gpGreen Plus liquid catalyst can be used in all construction machines with combustion engines.

Although the European construction machinery industry is concerned with an integral approach in order to reduce fuel requirements and environmental impact, off-road machines, for example, are still among the most major factors that are detrimental to the environment, and which are the cause of a considerable proportion of nitric oxide and PM emissions.

With all machines that require oil-based fuel to operate, a considerable and measurable reduction in fuel and emissions is achieved within a short time.

Extract of test results:

William Adams Caterpillar

Performance test on a Cummins diesel engine:

William Adams is the exclusive distributor of Caterpillar engines in Australia. The company tested the effect of Green Plus with the help of a dynamometer. The test was carried out on a truck with a Cummins diesel engine.

The results show an average improvement of 6.62 kW/9 hp at 1300 rpm, and an improvement of 15.45 kW/21 hp at 1400 rpm, in comparison with the original value without Green Plus.

> Diagram for view: Performance Improvement

Gravel Works – Truck Fleet

Fuel consumption test:

Kieswerk Zöls (gravel works) is a family-run, medium-sized haulage contractor in Germany. Zöls tested Green Plus in fall 2012 over a period of three weeks with 10 trucks (two-axle and three-axle).

The result was a fuel saving of 10% on average in everyday operations.

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Mining Vehicles

Emissions test / Fuel consumption test:

Report on the emissions and fuel consumption behaviour of vehicles from the mining company, Minera Penmont S. de R.L. de C.V., before and after the use of the liquid catalyst, Green Plus. 22 Caterpillar 100-ton dumper trucks (model 777 B/D) were tested.


The result of identifying the baseline for emissions was that the opacity value without Green Plus was 25.50%. From March to July the value decreased continuously, right down to 7.35%.

> Diagram for view: Opacity Reduction

It should also be noted that the vehicles using Green Plus produced 50% lower emissions (CO, NOx) than the comparable vehicles running without Green Plus. The results also proved a reduction in fuel consumption of 7.46%. The annual CO2 reduction due to fuel saving amounts to approximately 36,000 tons.



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