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Green Plus in freight trains, etc.gv schiene gpDiesel locomotives are driven by one or several diesel engines. Their area of use extends, in particular, to fields without electric overhead cables, economically unattractive branch lines and marshalling activities. Despite having few areas of application and the small quantities with low mileage, rail vehicles with diesel engines contribute around one percent (Source: Russfrei-fürs-Klima.de) of traffic-related particle emissions.

Deutsche Bahn wants to set a good example and is endeavouring to gradually retrofit all old diesel locomotives with effective closed soot particle filters and NOx-reducing SCR catalysts. Thanks to its emissions-reducing characteristics, Green Plus can support all operators of diesel-driven rail vehicles in their efforts to protect our environment.


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Extract of test results:

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn has been testing our Green Plus liquid catalyst, along with its subsidiary, DB RegioNetz AG, since February 2013. Gäubodenbahn (GBB) has been a customer since May. During this period, DB RegioNetz AG has achieved continuous average savings of 10% with regard to diesel fuel enhanced with Green Plus.

The various locomotive drivers also noticed that the engines ran considerably more smoothly and quietly, with more power. No damage to engines and fuel-carrying parts could be identified. Emissions tests carried out confirmed a significant reduction in pollutant emissions.





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