Domestic Heating Oil Market

Green Plus in detached and semi-detached homes, apartment blocks, etc.hzm privat gpGreen Plus liquid catalyst can be used in all equipment that requires heating oil. With precise usage, there can be a significant saving in heating oil as well as clearly measurable emissions reductions.

Even if you change your old oil heating for a new condensing boiler, combine this unit with a solar thermal system and then fit this equipment with water-bearing stoves, and exhaust all other remaining options, Green Plus will still be able to generate heating oil savings and emissions reductions. 

Extract of test results:

Weishaupt Burner

CO reduction of more than 60%

The alterations to exhaust values when using Green Plus were observed in a Weishaupt burner from 1993. Over a test period of 11 months, a significant reduction in emissions (CO values/ppm) of more than 60% was identified.




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