Industrial Heating Oil Market

Green Plus in heating equipment in factories, stations, shipyards, etc.hzm industrie gpHeavy and extra heavy heating oil are used for heat generation in industry in particular.

These oils are not suitable for use in private households as they have to be pre-warmed from 60 to 100 degrees Celsius due to their viscous consistency. In the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, industry and large industrial plants account for more than 83% of the consumption of these heavy oils. Power production in public electricity plants is responsible for approximately 9% of consumption of heavy heating oil and district heat production accounts for 7%.

All these oils have one common feature:

Due to their poor quality, vast amounts of hazardous emissions are released by combustion. Green Plus can considerably reduce the negative effects that result from the combustion of these oils and thereby significantly increase the performance yield from these fuels.

Extract of test results:

Coca Cola Bottling

Emissions test / Fuel consumption test:

A test using Green Plus was carried out on heating oil equipment at Coca Cola Bottling in Cyprus. The result of the test run was very interesting. NOx, one of the causes for the production of smog, was reduced by 17.58%. SO2, the main cause of acid rain was decreased by 17.15% and the fuel economy was 17.10%.

An estimated annual fuel saving of around 80,000 litres using these data, corresponds with an annual reduction of around 210 tons of CO2 (1 litre of heating oil = 2.62 kg CO2).

> Diagrams for view: NOx (Nitrogen Oxides), SO(Sulfur Dioxide), Fuel Economy

Christis Dairies

Emissions test / Fuel consumption test:

Christis Dairies is a company in the milk processing industry and is one of the most up-to-date, efficient and environmentally-friendly industrial plants in Cyprus. Christis Dairies put forward two heating oil boilers for a test using Green Plus.

After a test period of five days, the result was a total reduction of 19.55% and a NOx saving of 19.35 in comparison with the original base value without Green Plus. Furthermore, the fuel consumption of this boiler was lowered by 8%.

> Diagrams for view: SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxides)






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