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Green Plus in container ships / cruise liners, etc.sf hochseeschifffahrt gpGreen Plus liquid catalyst can be blended with all maritime fuels available on the global market, such as distillates, intermediates or heavy fuel oil.

As the price of marine diesel has almost doubled in the last 5 years, but container transport has not increased twice as much as the rate of the global economy for a long time, and the increasingly large fleets want to generate profits, sensible solutions are desperately being sought worldwide. Green Plus represents an inexpensive option here that can be implemented immediately.

> Download: specialised press: The Baltic Magazine (English / PDF / 523 kb)

Extract of test results:

Maersk Arun – 4,000-hour Test

Under the management of MAN B&W Diesel A/S, the ship "MAERSK ARUN" carried out a 4,000-hour test on a 7S50MC engine using Green Plus.

The condition of the engine was recorded at the start of the test and again after its completion.

After the endurance test was concluded, the engine was disassembled to enable its condition to be documented precisely. It transpired here, that parts, such as the pistons, were in a better condition than the experience of the engineer leading the tests would have assumed.

Based on this result, MAN B&W Diesel A/S issued a letter of no objection for our product.

-Reference letter available on request-

Unicom Tanker Bering Sea – Maintenance

Technical Inspection:

Comments from Alan Selby, Unicom Ship Management Technical Superintendent:

"With the scavenge doors removed I was afforded an excellent close up view, and was able to confirm that the scavenge and under-piston spaces were in a comparatively clean state with little combustion residue after almost 400 running hours, certainly the best condition I have witnessed on this type of engine in normal service.

The same was true of the finned tubes of the exhaust gas boiler on which very little deposition was observed, especially compared with previous inspections. Attached to this message are photographs supporting the above findings."

> View: Exhaust Gas Boiler Comparison

Unicom Ships – Fuel Economy

The ships "Vanguard", "Tromso Confidence" and "Petropavlovsk" had already been treated in advance with another additive which, according to Unicom, enabled a fuel saving of 2%.

After Green Plus was added, an additional average fuel saving of more than 5.45% was identified for each of the three tankers.

Pacific Basin – Fuel Economy

Furthermore, Pacific Basin identified that the maintenance interval could be extended from 8,000 hours to 12,000 hours.

-Reference letter available on request-

Container Ship Arafura – Fuel Economy

The test results showed that Green Plus was able to bring about a significant fuel saving. A route taken without Green Plus, in addition to the test run, led to a considerable increase in consumption. After Green Plus was added once again, a considerable reduction in fuel consumption was noted.

> Diagram for view: Fuel Economy

Container Ship Arafura - Emissions

The results not only showed that Green Plus reduced the NOx, carbon monoxide and particle emissions of the ship but also, that when Green Plus was being used, Arafura maintained almost the same emissions of sulfur dioxide although she was using a fuel with 40% higher sulfur content.

> Diagrams for view: NOx (Nitrogen Oxides), CO (Carbon Monoxide), PM (Particulate Matter)

Unicom Tanker Bering Sea - Emissions

The emissions testing carried out on the ships engine showed that Green Plus had a significant positive effect on each of the emissions that Unicom chose to evaluate.

> Diagrams for view: NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide), NO (Nitrogen Monoxide)






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