Engine Safety

Can Green Plus cause damage to my engine? 

Based on their extremely detailed studies, the engine manufacturers, MAN B&W and Wärtsilä, both issued a letter of no objection for Green Plus, which confirms that not only did the engines sustain no damage, but their condition was at least the same or better than that of engines with comparable mileage running without Green Plus.

Furthermore, Green Plus has been classified by one of the world's leading institutes for engine tests as safe for engines and engine components.

20 billion kilometres!

This corresponds almost exactly to 500,000 circumnavigations of the earth. It is the verifiable distance travelled worldwide in the last few years by vehicles on land, on the water and in the air, using fuels treated with Green Plus.

During this period, no damage whatsoever was sustained by the engines, which could have been attributed to Green Plus.

20 billion kilometres!

More than 8 billion of these kilometres were covered in Texas alone by diesel vehicles running with Green Plus. For years, a diesel blend with Green Plus (TxLED diesel fuel blends must produce lower NOx emissions at combustion in particular), specified by the US federal authorities, has been supplied to gas stations by oil group companies here in 110 of 254 Texan counties. Different vehicle types (approximately 8 billion vehicles) have been fuelled by globally significant manufacturers here.

Based on the recommended dosing for all users, the use of Green Plus to optimise the respective combustion processes is free of any risk.





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